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Yes, all our meals (sides/salads, mains, desserts) are gluten-free. Our meals are all Paleo-inspired, which means there’s no gluten, dairy, grains or refined sugar. Just real healthy, fresh, organic food to fuel your body.

Cooking with fresh ingredients is one of life’s healthy pleasures. We know how damaging pre-processed food is for the human body and are passionate about helping other people know this too! Fresh, organic, wild, locally sourced produce helps you feel really good on the inside. The fat, salt, sugar and added MSG in most takeaway meals just don’t.

Most people hate cooking because it’s become so stressful. Searching through a million internet recipes; getting to the supermarket after work; checking every aisle to find strange ingredients you’ll never use again; following a poorly written, overly complicated recipe – we get it. No one’s got time for that.

But, if you DO like the idea of spending some downtime in the kitchen creating something delicious, then give us a try. We’d love to hear your feedback about how you found the experience too. Was it stressful? Were our recipes easy to follow? Can we improve? Email us at feedback@valetchef.com or join us on Facebook to tell us how you went!

Sometimes everyone needs a bit of help putting basic health needs first. Valet Chef delivers fresh, wild, local, organic ingredients, in season and correctly portioned, right to your doorstep. You’ll stop making poor choices at the supermarket. You’ll also stop throwing away money on wasted food you didn’t eat anyway!

We give you access to easy-to-follow e-recipe cards removing all possible uncertainty. The e-recipes are available online, we send you the links in your order confirmation email or by SMS. There’s no need to feel unsure about cooking any of our dishes. We’ve made it simple, straightforward and quick.

We make the majority of our meals ready to eat in about 30 minutes or less. If it takes a few minutes longer, you’ll be guaranteed a well-cooked meal needing just a bit of extra time.

We want you to save time and eat well. All the time-consuming work of shopping for ingredients is done for you. We shop, chop, slice and dice then deliver it straight to you doorstep.

Even experienced cooks will find something new in most of our recipes – new flavours, health tips and all the latest food trends. To really get in the groove, you can even listen to Pete’s recommended music playlists for each recipe, to go along nicely with your meal. Happy to share the inspiration!

Of course – you’re especially welcome! We are passionate about helping people enjoy delicious healthy home-cooked meals. When you’ve got the right ingredients and clear instructions, cooking is easy and fun. Valet Chef helps bring back the real pleasure of home cooking.

Also, being a ‘foodie’ who can plate up a great dish is a great talent to learn. Impress your new date, your family and your workmates with delicious meals you ‘just whipped up’ yourself. They’ll especially love your attention to detail in sourcing fresh, wild, organic, locally produced ingredients. Don’t worry, we won’t say a word.

Our Meals

By eating organic food, you are saying no to genetically modified food. Livestock is free range, not caged. And, of course, it looks after our environment. For more information please visit the Australian Organic website.

We select our food from trusted organic certified local suppliers and artisans. We choose great, fresh ingredients from our suppliers and artisans to create a truly remarkable dish. Our greater buying power also means you get top quality produce for much lower prices. See our suppliers page for details.

Quite big. We know you have varying appetites so we measure our portion sizes more on the ‘generous’ side! We make sure you’re getting value for money. Leftovers are handy anyway – take them to work for lunch or feed your pets something delicious!

The main recipes are normally portioned for one person, unless we specify otherwise (for example, our Whole Roast Chicken will feed four people). To increase the portion size please use the “+” button on the recipe details page. Alternatively, we also offer subscription boxes which have 3 meals and 3 sides/salads for one person, two people, and two adults and two kids. With the subscription boxes you will save up to $3 per meal.

Our recipes are created by Celebrity Chef Pete Evans.

You can also find out more about Pete on his website. As Pete says “I believe the most delicious meals are made from fresh, organic produce sourced from the best local and trusted suppliers.  I am truly passionate about healthy, nutritious food that fuels your body in the most natural way possible.”

We tell you the ingredients in each recipe so you can determine, beforehand, whether a meal agrees with you. All the recipes are Paleo inspired (so there is no dairy, gluten, grain or refined sugar in our meals). We use fresh, wild, local organic produce. You can also email us your specific food allergies, and we’ll try our best to substitute for something else.

We change our recipes according to the seasons. We use locally sourced produce available during their natural growth and harvest times. Recipes for our weekly subscription boxes change each week, to give you more variety.

Of course! We provide for vegetarian diets as well. You can also select organic fruit boxes and other healthy options.

Cook on the day of delivery or over the next four days. Some ingredients like nuts and spices have a longer durability, but the fresh stuff is good for at least four days. Some clients freeze some items to make them last much longer too.

Orders and Deliveries

Order online by 12 midnight (AEST) Wednesdays for delivery the following Tuesday.

Well, almost everything! You’ll need your own standard kitchenware items like pots, pans, cooker, kettle and a fridge/freezer. Since we know each household is different, our recipes tell you everything you need at home to make the dish – just check the recipe’s detail page.
We also don’t deliver table salt and pepper, but we give you tips on choosing the best condiments – again, just check the recipe’s detail page.

We deliver on Tuesdays to help you get your weekday meals sorted out, our Friday delivery for the weekend will be coming back – please stay tuned. This also ensures you always get the freshest ingredients. Our reliable delivery crew work hard to deliver within a reasonable time window: 11am-1pm and 2pm-6pm.

Yes, delivery is calculated based on your delivery postcode.

The ‘Order Notes’ section of our website gives you space to leave instructions to our delivery crew. Just tell us to “leave meal box at the front door” or “place on shelf in garage” and we’ll be happy to do so. There’s no need to worry about your food ‘going off’; our ingredients are protected in a temperature-controlled chiller box and food insulation material keeping them fresh for up to 24 hours. However, we suggest you put everything in the fridge as soon as you receive your meal box, especially any seafood.

We currently deliver our food across Victoria and Sydney, to your home or office. We continue to add new postcodes to our delivery route, including country locations. Have a look at our delivery postcode checker to check whether we currently cover your area or your office. If we don’t, please leave your contact details and postcode. We’ll let you know as soon as we start delivering your way.

If you live outside Victoria or Sydney, please note that the goodies in our Shop are shipped Australia wide. We trust you’ll find something there that you like. These are delivered across Australia, usually within 2-5 business days.

Yes. Please have your empty box, chiller box and gel ready, or leave outside your premises, so we can swap with the new one on the next delivery. We care about the environment as much as you do.

Subscription BOXES

Each week you will receive 3 of my delicious recipes with 3 side dishes, and all the ingredients in the exact quantities you need. Your Subscription box will include your easy, step by step recipes and everything you need including meat, fish and even herbs and spices. The 3 recipes change each week, to give you variety.

Once you’ve ordered your first Subscription box, subsequent orders are done automatically for you each week, so you don’t have to remember to order. Our system will do all that for you, to help you save time. We take payment each week, and deliver your box each Tuesday.

For example, if you order your first Subscription box on Wednesday the 10th, your first payment will be made on that day, and your box will be delivered on the following Tuesday the 16th. Payment for your second Subscription box will be done automatically on Wednesday the 17th (a week after your first payment was made) and delivered on the following Tuesday the 23rd. Payment for your third Subscription box will done automatically on Wednesday the 24th, and delivered on the following Tuesday the 30th and so on.

You can suspend or cancel your recurring weekly order when you login to your Valet Chef account. Look under YOUR ACCOUNT and you’ll see the CANCEL button. You can click the RENEW or REACTIVATE button when you are ready to continue your recurring weekly order.

If you suspend or cancel your subscription after that week’s payment has already been done, you will receive your box the following Tuesday. After that, you will no longer receive boxes until you RENEW/REACTIVATE your subscription.

Yes, you certainly can! And we’ll deliver everything together. Our boxes page shows all our subscription boxes. Please note: at the moment our shopping cart allows one type of subscription box per purchase. For example, this means you can order one or more ‘couple boxes’ in one transaction, but not together with an organic fruit box within the same transaction. For now, if you wish to purchase more than one type of subscription you’ll need to complete each purchase separately, for each subscription type. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Yes, we are registered with all relevant health authorities. Your health and safety is very important to us. Our staff members are all trained in safe food handling.

Credit Card Security

Yes, your credit card details are encrypted using the latest technology and security. Nobody can view your credit card details, not even us!

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