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Chicken Schnitzel with Coleslaw (Raw Slaw)

The first word that springs to mind whenever I hear the word schnitzel is YUM. Yep I have loved them ever since I was a young boy and I reckon I will love them until I am an old man. Originally the popular schnitzel is a piece of meat, most often veal as in the classic Vienna schnitzel from Austria, which is very thinly sliced and tenderised to be very flat and uniform in thickness then dusted lightly in seasoned flour, dipped in egg and then dredged in breadcrumbs and pan fried in oil and or butter until golden and crispy.

Yep you know it and I am sure you love it too, now the Paleo version is equally as tasty and the best part is you get to pick the best ingredients for this, whether it be wild seafood and fish, or grass fed beef or lamb, organic free-range chicken, then use coconut flour or almond to lightly dust the meat and the key here is to tap the flour off so you have the lightest coating possible then duck it in your lightly whisked organic free-range duck or chicken eggs then drain it off and into your ‘crumb’ mix which can be all finely chopped nuts, or shredded coconut, or a mixture of the two, and another option is quinoa flakes, however the jury is still out on how nutritionally beneficial quinoa is to humans, so go easy if at all on using quinoa, and then use extra virgin coconut oil or ghee or other Paleo approved fat or a mixture of a couple and go for gold. Serve with lemon and a big salad such as the raw slaw and a big bowl of green veg.


Almond crumbing mix, tapioca, coconut milk, coconut oil or duck fat for shallow frying, lemon wedges, free-range chicken breast fillets.

Meal Comes With

My delicious Coleslaw Salad.

What You’ll Need At Home

  • Large deep frying pan
  • Baking paper
  • Organic free-range eggs, whisked (1-2 eggs for crumbing)
  • Sea salt and cracked pepper
  • Meat Mallet
  • 3 Bowls
  • Paper towel

Suggested Music

Here is the music I recommend, to go along with this meal.

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