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Fish In A Bag With Clams

Cooking in a bag or in paper is an age old technique that is so simple and makes so much sense as it traps in all the flavour and basically steams the ingredients so that when you open the bag all the aromas delicately waft up to the diner.  Here we simply have placed some fish and clams in the bag with some aromas that work well together and the tomato brings some much needed acidity and sweetness to the dish.  Best served with a delicious garden salad or  sautéed greens as well as some fermented veggies.


Garlic clove, ghee, parsley, chilli, dry white wine, cherry tomatoes, lemon zest, snapper fillets, clams (or scallops), bottarga (or anchovies).

What You’ll Need At Home

  • Large deep roasting pan
  • Bowl
  • Baking paper
  • Salt and freshly cracked black pepper

Suggested Music

Here is the music I recommend, to go along with this meal.

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